Library Services Department

Philosophy and Objectives

The Library Services Department caters to instructional and research needs of all stakeholders by providing wide-ranging collections and effective and efficient quality service.

In the age of globalization and information technology, we envision Letran Library to provide comprehensive collections and effective and efficient quality service to the academic community.

The Letran Library as a learning and information center supports the needs of the academic Community and other researchers by:

  • Building updated collection of print, non-print, and e-resources;
  • Encouraging and supporting the staff to enhance their expertise; and
  • Providing efficient and effective library services.

1. To continually serve library users through relevant, organized, and up-to-date information and facilities.

2. To continually prepare and improve the staff and student assistants assigned in the library to deliver quality services with effectiveness and efficacy.

3. To promote and implement library programs/activities which are beneficial to the academic community.